Thursday, 28 June 2012

Kraftangan Malaysia Kerja Kahwin Fashion Show

Catwalk&Hanger (CH) was invited to attend the wedding fashion show at the famous Kraftangan Malaysia as one of our friend was one of the featured designer for the event. That evening the fashion show was split into 3 theme , the very traditional-old-school-never-go-away songket, modern wedding outfit and breezy and casual batik. I could see those hopeful & dreamy future bridezillas smiling, giggling and taking notes at the side of the runaway. It was definitely a good show for those looking for ideas into your dream wedding dress.

I had a sneak peak at the backstage just to say congratulation to my friend after the show, only then that I  knew the backstage was a really hectic and stressful place..okay so you can see it in any of the fashion show/ reality TV but in real life seeing how crazy it was and how my friend needed help, badly I offered ourselves to  help out. but maybe the next time, you might see us blogging on learning how to manage backstage..!

 Trying out tops tie-dye, and wax technique! How cool is that!
Shopping done! Seen here is Suraya Dolah from Suzette Alley

Here are some of the shots taken during the Fashion Show:-

Done with the songket, its the modern wedding style. I'd still prefer the traditional songket though..
A bit on the traditional side for the groom, love songket!

Something different. But the male model looks a bit like a mat rempit don't you think? Teehee

The third category comes from handmade Batik, mixture of hand painted batik and tie-dye.

So what do you think? Something different..Kinda like the last one, its so feminine, but I guess its more for the function rather than a wedding outfit. I'm sure brides wants to look more outstanding than that!

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