Thursday, 26 April 2012

One [Wo]man’s trash is another [Wo]man’s treasure.”

Just as the proverb say, plain simple and direct... we had our fair shares of throwing out our stuff be it because we don't need it anymore, we hated it to begin with, it was a present from someone (something i'll never buy for myself - sounds familiar??), it's old and we want new ones, it's cramping up my wardrobe and I need space for the new Autumn/Winter collections..etc,etc..

Well, I've tried donating.. makes u feel good, clears up your conscience but deep down I really wish I could get some return on investment (accountant way of saying, i want my money back!)
While I was strutting up and down my room trying to clear out those preloved, I saw this post on a garage sale on the WoM website..and I willingly and trustingly gave up some of my stuff to the organizers to manage and sell on my behalf.. love it! we get back the money, get rid of the stuff and the profit, it was well on it's way to a good cause!

So fellow readers, Catwalk&Hangers humbly announcing that we would really love to continue this effort, we're opening up a booth at the Devflection Styling Session & Charity Bazaar.. selling on your behalf, your precious preloved..

So far we have received clothes (including baju kurung), accessories (incl tudung), shoes and handbags to be let do join us whether you wanna be a buyer or a seller at the Bazaar! Let me tell ya we got some branded stuff as come on over and see if these precious are worth your money..!

Also, in conjunction with the Earth Day 2012 last Sunday and also the effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we asked for our followers to bring your own paper bags/ reusable bags to our booth.. Not that we're too stingy to give your proper packaging, but why not do our part in saving Mother Earth.. every little helps! No worries, we won't charged you 20c for a plastic back, i'm afraid that's the goverments prerogative also in the effort to reduce our nation's carbon footprint just like it"s been practice in the UK & Europe..

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Tweed Jacket

This time around I am wearing another set of black and white, I am loving black and white more and more now! I am wearing the same scarves here (and I am loving it too!) only difference is that, this tine around i had my black and white Tweed blazer from Azorias. Its pretty easy to pull off nice jacket and look effortless at the same time. The key thing is to spend a little more on a nice jacket and wallah!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sneak peak of Catwalk &Hanger


Catwalk& Hanger is proud to finally introduce our fashion range and we will be launching our first lines on May 5th, 2012.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Devign Reflections

For the first time, Catwalk&Hanger will be launching their product and participate in DevFlections Styling Session & Charity Bazaar ! Don't miss out because WE want to meet YOU! We are excited to show you what we have to offer, from clothes to acceossories and of course,getting to know you.

Come and join the fun with DEVFLECTIONS by Devign Reflections! What is so fun about it? There will be a one day charity bazaar and styling session & hijabstyle on the same day

For the StylingSession &hijabstyle, the famous bloggers  Cala Qisya and Jezamine Zaidan will be the guest of honour on that day.

When: 5th May 2012
Where: Urban Village, Bangsar
Time:11am - 6pm (Charity Bazaar)
         2.30pm-6pm (Styling session)
Organiser: Devign Reflections

For the styling session ticket is RM100, and for any interested vendors, the bazaar space will be RM100. Space is limited.

So, what are you waiting for? For those who are interested to participate, please contact or
Visit their page Devign Reflections and LIKE THEM!

Be part of the fun and join the crowd on that day!!! Don't forget to bring your friends to this wonderful event!

Orange, chocolate and gold

A day out with friend. This time around i am using orange top with jacket, paired with orange and chocolate striped scarf and gold bangle.
My accessory, big gold bangle
A regular meet up 
How do we look?
The look. Orange, chocolate, gold (bangle) and nude shoes

The White Jacket

This look is focusing mostly on my layered scarf - blue and purple. I found this white jacket in my closet and decided to wear it with something bright, my blue electric top. My only accessories was the blue bracelets and Blue shoes. Bright and strong colors cheer me up. Does it cheers yours?

One side of the layering scarf
The look, my white jacket with blue top, with blue and purple layering scarves
The side of my layering scarf
This is just an extra. I can't get over how cute is that small bottle!
Not so sure of what is this pose is about. I guess its just a random one

Sunday morning, a cuppa tea and great companies..

A few of us girls were getting giddy last Sunday morning.. putting on the best look, in our best heels-making our way to the Lake Garden..not your usual get-up on a Sunday and not to mention those people sweating after their morning run staring at us, rolling their eyes in disbelief as they watch us strutting across the lawn ..this morning is a special day..there's tea, balloons, cakes and all the things sweet..and best of all there will be a photographer with a purpose..

A million thanks to Shafiqah Shafie and her WoM entourage, the WoM Breakfast/meeting went really well. Meeting so many YOUNG, stylish, cheerful, inspiring & business minded ladies is such a refreshing experience. Business cards was exchanged. Better yet, added a few more friends and follower on our social account. More events to crash and also opportunities to grow together in this line..brilliant!

Anyways, a picture is worth a thousand words..

Also the premier of Catwalk&Hanger collection on these lovelies..
Shafiqah Safie, Nurul & Zarina

Hilda & Nurul
Zuen & Zafi
Shafiqah is the sweetest girl, I am always impressed by the articles in WoM and love the way she put things together be it on the webpage or on herself. Zarina on the other hand, really nice to finally meet you. She was the main person behind the Melawati Garage Sale which was featured by WoM weeks ago. Also a few other ladies we've come to be friends with..Jihan & Azura are wearing Jihan's line called The Pink Puffers. Hilda, is a lady we all should look out for. I betcha she'll be going to places..From the way she presents herself and the passion she reflects, yup.. this is the Woman of Malaysia.. last but definitely not the least to be counted for the PR guy for WoM, Zafi Zakaria.. very intelligent therefore very sexy *winkwink*
Lyana, Azura, Nurul, Jihan

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Mint jeans

I'm in love with my mint jeans ever since I bought it. It was a really good buy and goes well with most outfit. I paired it with my blue color shoes , blue bag and dual tone scarves.

The layering scarves, mint green blue and dual tone scarf
Blue for accessories

Friday, 13 April 2012

Work wear - Black and white and Layering scarves

I love wearing black and white to work A LOT. Its simple, smart and professional. Well, almost. Take a look of how make it interesting with layering scarves and accesories i wore

The Layering scarves in Black and White. Plain and printed scarves
The Black and White look
My favorite one!
Hair clip turn into scarves clip. Anything possible!*wink*

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Nude and pink

Today wear is something to do with how I am feeling right now, sweet and relax. A casual leisure look that goes well with a cup of coffee.
One yummy drink, combination of Nuttela and latte. 

In Style- Aladdin

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Work wear- casual smart

Today's look is a mix of two colors, black and white/cream/nude. Top it up with printed leopard scarf and bangle and simple necklace

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Printed tribal for the weekend

Tribal printed pants from Zara, unbranded puffy top, Scarf from Tie Rack.

Note: Layering hijab wear with headbands.
My favorite maroon flowered ring
Layered scarf
The look
One of my oldest collection