Monday, 16 July 2012

Learn something new everyday..

What do u do when u like someone's style?
Be a friend on Facebook, follow on Twitter, follow their Blogspot, Wordpress, Tumblr..and best of all follow on Instagram..Aaahh yes..blessed that one particular apps that makes us all professional photographers..blessed those pictures of food of restaurants you've never even knew existed, treasures from shops that unheard of, the pics of your oh-sooo-PDA lovey dovey other half and yourself, kids, cats, shoes & handbags (well, hey i for one am NOT complaining about this one..) and many other eccentrics things a mind can only imagine..
Back to my original question, what do a fellow Catwalk&Hanger do when we like one's style?
Stalk, Stop & Style..

Stalking mode is *ON*
View from the side

Miss Photographer in Action!

You show me yours...
And i show you mine hehehe
oh so serious...
Zafi with his turban bow. Photo credit to Imageenasee Photography
Photo credit to Hijabista Magazine

And finally, managed to get hold of our Miss Photographer, Zati and this is view from the front!

There are many ways to wear your turban. It all depends on your creativity and how comfortable are you in wearing them. Don't be afraid to try them on and just be confident about it, because the way you carry them tells what kind of character you are. We have seen more and more Hijabis nowadays wearing them including our very own Catwalk Hanger member, Nurul! Here are some of few turban styles that caught our eyes:

There are many ways of wearing turban, but for Catwalk & Hanger, one of the many inspirations came from queen of Qatar Sheikha Moza of Qatar. She managed to turn the turban look to be classy and trendy (inspite her many talents and qualification) She's a true beauty with brains and with good sense in fashion too! 

Source : Google

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