Thursday, 12 July 2012

What goes around comes around...

Around in a good way that is!
Have you heard of the Friendlyfashion website? It's place where people buy and sell, swap and even giveaway their preloved items.. As a fellow Catwalk&Hanger, I don't mind preloved, we started with preloved (read here)..I have to admit  my calling for preloved are unlimited, things like bag, shoes and accessories like necklace and bracelets and scarves and also not to mention certain type of clothes goes for me. Of course I do have my limits of accepting preloved (nothing too personal if you get my drift **wink**)...but the saying one man's trash is another man's treasure really hit ya..i mean sometimes that particular thing you really want is so expensive or soooo out of stock and the waiting list is just torturing you..and here comes another person who just wanna throw it away just because it doesn't match her shoe or bag or whatever..hey, why not you make money out of it and sell it to me.. !
The idea is so foreign to Malaysian yet out there you can find there as so many things people sell preloved hence existence of e-bays & and the likes...  You can see there are thousands of clothes from ladies to men to babies and kids and even pets (soooo Paris Hilton yo..!) on their website, so much choice and to be honest based own own personal experience I found myself making friends with these fellow bargain hunting members..hands-down a great and very interactive website, really fast to update and reply to your queries and also they'd organised some pretty cool competition collaborating with local celebrity bloggers and such.. I suggest if you wanna read up about them go to their website here or read about them from the Women of Malaysia website here and about the two gorgeous sisters/ founder of the website here.
Anyways, last Saturday these gorgeous sisters made their way to invite members of the community to join them for an Ice Cream Party, a small gathering but yet so colorful and lively at The Bee, Publika.
Dear Nadzirah & Diyana, you guys are so gorgeous real life and you had brought along quite a friendly crowd together. Thanks for the Ice-Cream & the lovely Button and hope that you guys keep up the good job! Also if anybody is on frindlyfashion look me up and and like my profile please! Owh, and see if there's any hidden treasure for you..
Our doorgift - I LOVE FRIENDLYFASHION button

choices choices..

Decisions, decisions..


WoM PR & Fashion enthusiast Zafi Zakaria

One of the best dress winner

The lovely Nadzirah & Diyana giving their speeches

Zuen, Diyana, Nadzirah & Zafi

Top: Catwalk&Hanger
Pants: MnG
Shoes: Windy (only found during the International Shoefest, anybody have info on this brand?)


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    1. hi there Ginny! thanks! and thanks for reading the entry too! :)

  2. Nice entry. Me too...starts falling in love with friendlyfashion..addicted to it, and keep browsing the site everyday..haha

    1. i know, addictive isn't it! its one of the must visit page everyday! haha. anyway, thank you for reading this entry emi :)