Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Catwalk&Hanger: The Idea

All great idea starts with a simple session..a session which involves loads of gossiping, coffee, sweet sweet desserts and the love for shopping..

And so it begins..

Endless research on the net, emails & Whatsapp session containing endless ideas..omaigawwdd which one do we concentrate first..costing, stock, design, promotions, networks, capital, business proposal, consignments, tutorials, blogs, emails..and for goodness sake a name!


A symbol of stylish, elegance, state of the art quality that could be strut on a runway..on real life, normal, typical Asian body, fitting into different lifestyle of a Hijabi sister or a foxy an affordable price..

Yup in the end money matters..owh and looks too..we're just shallow, it's the human instinct..

Minds are now set in motion;
Resources are now being materialised;
Praying to the Almighty Allah SWT so that we will succeed..

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