Monday, 16 April 2012

Sunday morning, a cuppa tea and great companies..

A few of us girls were getting giddy last Sunday morning.. putting on the best look, in our best heels-making our way to the Lake Garden..not your usual get-up on a Sunday and not to mention those people sweating after their morning run staring at us, rolling their eyes in disbelief as they watch us strutting across the lawn ..this morning is a special day..there's tea, balloons, cakes and all the things sweet..and best of all there will be a photographer with a purpose..

A million thanks to Shafiqah Shafie and her WoM entourage, the WoM Breakfast/meeting went really well. Meeting so many YOUNG, stylish, cheerful, inspiring & business minded ladies is such a refreshing experience. Business cards was exchanged. Better yet, added a few more friends and follower on our social account. More events to crash and also opportunities to grow together in this line..brilliant!

Anyways, a picture is worth a thousand words..

Also the premier of Catwalk&Hanger collection on these lovelies..
Shafiqah Safie, Nurul & Zarina

Hilda & Nurul
Zuen & Zafi
Shafiqah is the sweetest girl, I am always impressed by the articles in WoM and love the way she put things together be it on the webpage or on herself. Zarina on the other hand, really nice to finally meet you. She was the main person behind the Melawati Garage Sale which was featured by WoM weeks ago. Also a few other ladies we've come to be friends with..Jihan & Azura are wearing Jihan's line called The Pink Puffers. Hilda, is a lady we all should look out for. I betcha she'll be going to places..From the way she presents herself and the passion she reflects, yup.. this is the Woman of Malaysia.. last but definitely not the least to be counted for the PR guy for WoM, Zafi Zakaria.. very intelligent therefore very sexy *winkwink*
Lyana, Azura, Nurul, Jihan

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