Thursday, 26 April 2012

One [Wo]man’s trash is another [Wo]man’s treasure.”

Just as the proverb say, plain simple and direct... we had our fair shares of throwing out our stuff be it because we don't need it anymore, we hated it to begin with, it was a present from someone (something i'll never buy for myself - sounds familiar??), it's old and we want new ones, it's cramping up my wardrobe and I need space for the new Autumn/Winter collections..etc,etc..

Well, I've tried donating.. makes u feel good, clears up your conscience but deep down I really wish I could get some return on investment (accountant way of saying, i want my money back!)
While I was strutting up and down my room trying to clear out those preloved, I saw this post on a garage sale on the WoM website..and I willingly and trustingly gave up some of my stuff to the organizers to manage and sell on my behalf.. love it! we get back the money, get rid of the stuff and the profit, it was well on it's way to a good cause!

So fellow readers, Catwalk&Hangers humbly announcing that we would really love to continue this effort, we're opening up a booth at the Devflection Styling Session & Charity Bazaar.. selling on your behalf, your precious preloved..

So far we have received clothes (including baju kurung), accessories (incl tudung), shoes and handbags to be let do join us whether you wanna be a buyer or a seller at the Bazaar! Let me tell ya we got some branded stuff as come on over and see if these precious are worth your money..!

Also, in conjunction with the Earth Day 2012 last Sunday and also the effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we asked for our followers to bring your own paper bags/ reusable bags to our booth.. Not that we're too stingy to give your proper packaging, but why not do our part in saving Mother Earth.. every little helps! No worries, we won't charged you 20c for a plastic back, i'm afraid that's the goverments prerogative also in the effort to reduce our nation's carbon footprint just like it"s been practice in the UK & Europe..

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