Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Great mind think alike!

What is your morning rituals? Something you do unconsciously, something that can't be missed or you'll have that empty, incomplete feeling lingering deep down your system..for the ladies of Catwalk&Hanger..first things 'em that cuppa good, strong coffee and we're ready to face the challenges ahead...and then comes the morning needs to be kept updated and in-the-know of what's going on in the world that is...owh, did you think it was the newspapers? well, it could be but we take out the middle section and read that first before we have a go at the cruel world news at the front..

So anyways, as we browse through The Coveteur, we came across a really good read of the ever so coveted brand Chanel...<3, <3, <3 Have a read through here and leaves us a comment on what you think ya! Great mind think alike isn't it, we're so proud of our Catwalk&Hanger Premium Jacket Collection because it looked very much as classy as a Chanel would be..

Source :The Coveteur

Catwalk&Hanger White Tweed

Ladies, i know it's Malaysia and it's hot and it's humid but a jacket is a must have! How many of have had  complaint that our offices is so cold that it beats the Artic-freeze passing through a normal day in Ireland! ('s freezing okay!) Plus, who else do we wanna show off to other that our colleague and those working in that other company near our office..Layered it with a crisp satin top and whenever you feel like you're in a oven, just take off the jacket and show off another layer of class to them..what do u think?

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