Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hijab Styling Session

How ironic it is for us to be putting up a Hijab Styling Session post on the 16th of May.. Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers!!
Our very own Nurul was a teacher for a day when she conducted a private Hijab Styling Session for a few sisters in KL. Nurul is a big, big fan of patch scarves, silk scarves, and all those pleated style that made one's Hijab a statement. We're determine to help other to not be afraid of having loads of colors, pursuing different styles especially during working ours and exploring the different material of scarf.

Nurul gave out useful tips on how to layer your inner, how to pin up the scarves, how to match 'em scarves with your outfit, turban styling and also color blocking technique etc..

Big shout out to Tasha from Scarves Craze for sponsoring us her gorgeous flowing scarves for the class..If you are wondering where Nurul gets her scarves, mostly it's from Tasha's blogshop.

The accessories are all Maharisi for Catwalk & Hanger which you can have a glimpse of here. Maharisi Accessories are all handmade by the owner himself and we are able to customize the orders. You can have a big, bigger, biggest collections of pewter brooches to be worn with your scarves or your suit or top whichever work for you. Best of all the biggest Maharisi piece below, it's made to attached to a necklace so you can have it as your neck candy or detached it and put it on your scarf, shoulder pieces etc..

Email us at and leave us your details for updates on our next styling session or event!

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