Monday, 14 May 2012

Semaine de la mode á the Curve

Oui Oui Mademoiselle & Monsieur, Catwalk&Hanger had pranced the street of Paris..the Mothership of all fashion heaven people!

Sigh..we wished! However, we got your attention now don't we?

It's that time of the year again here in Malaysia since we do not have four seasons here in Malaysia, somehow rather the Fashion Week celebrated by most of the malls in Malaysia is always during Spring/Summer time..
A certain someone was fortunate enough to be invited to the launching of the Fashion Week at the Curve in Mutiara Damansara and the theme they have chosen this year is Run-A-Way Paris!

Catwalk&Hanger proudly sponsored the exclusive Premier Line Tweed Jacket for her to wear at the event and proud to say the feedback was amazing! Some say our lovely tweed jacket is sooo Chanel and Paris worthy.. Nice..or should we say Tres Bien!

Jackets are one of those items that Malaysian are very wary to buy. You can't be wearing a jacket in the hot sun! But mind you most offices and malls are well equip with excellent chilled water supply aka air-conditioning..and who else do u wanna show-off your style but your colleague and friends you hang out'll find yourself very much comfortable to prance around with a jacket it a simple black suit or if you dare add colors like red or blue for that smart casual can pair it with most skirts, work pants and definitely chic with that right pair of denim. Whites like our Premier Line Tweed Jacket here just screams let's have dinner at Tiffany's y'all!

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