Monday, 14 May 2012

Happy B-Day WoM!!

Birthdays are the best isn't it?
The well-wishes from all your friends & families..wall posting and tweets that made u all teary inside and all smiley outside...
Gifts, who can forget the excitement of ripping those gorgeously wrapped surprises from your loved ones...
Who cares about how old you are - Well, u don't dwell on birthdays not until the big O's like 4-oh or 5-oh hehehe and even so if you've lived your life to the fullest than it's a day to be thankful that you are still here, breathing, alive and kicking and hopefully making a difference to the world with every small gesture that you made...
We fellow Catwalk&Hangers celebrated Women of Malaysia 1st Birthday/Anniversary last Saturday..although the real birthday falls on the 7th of May, it was celebrated with a bang nevertheless! Foods, fashion shows, bazaars and meeting up with fellow ladies who shared the same interest as us was an evening worth remembering for the rest of our lives. Some familiar faces to us are Mumtaz from The Pink Puffers and Mutiara from Brew & Skittles who both open up their stores at the bazaar outside the hall.. We were also somewhat starstruck by the presence of Ami Schaheera, Sarah, Adriani and best of all Yuna!

Happy Birthday Women Of Malaysia !!Congratulations.

Hey!Hey!Hey! Look who's here, its the The Pink Puffers in da house!
Sarah! we loved what u've done to ur dress..

Catwalk Hangers with the very own co founder Shafiqah Shafie of WoM and the lovely Zarina
Nurul & Ami

A familiar face - As modelling for IAMJETFUELSHOP

Zafi & Zuen's favourite Mandukara SuteraMas piece..

Look who's in da house!Its YUNA! She looks tired but she could still smile for the camera and her fans. Such a lovely girl. She's rushing for MANIA that night but managed to pose with us. Thank you YUNA!We wish you all the best :)

Proud to strut our own lines..
The fashion lines was just to die for, 1st up was Yuna's the-ever-so-colourful IAMJETFUEL lines.. then came out the exotic lines from Veil Art whom we've also met outside and had a chat with. Her silk scarfs and dresses are just to die for, we practically had to take away Nurul's wallet before she could do anymore damage to herself..Last and definitely not the least, the collections from Mandukara Suteramas graces the floor with their gorgeous, gorgeous chiffon and patch work.. we had to track down the artist himself, Eusopth Salleh and just compliment on his work..just look at Shafiqah herself that evening.. divine..

Awww look at Yuna, isn't she sweet.

So we wanna just shout out to the Shafiqah and her entourage the angels behind the curtains, also to Zafi Zakaria who is the WoM PR rep..yes we know it was u who was cheering behind the curtains..caught us offguard outside prior to the fashion show when he came with a group of handsome men videotaping the guest and doing impromptu interviews ..Amazing job the sweet Rawaida the lucky girl who successfully strut down the catwalk wearing a Eusopth Salleh creation and also Hanie Soraya (beautiful voice your got there!) a big congratulation on the celebration of your 1st Birtday & Anniversary and may there be many more to come, InsyaAllah!

MADUKARA SUTERA They have 3 collections for this event. The first is the cotton type traditional + modern wear.

*speechless* this unique looking jacket is very chic!

A closer look
Take a look at that!We definately know where to get our baju raya!

Love the belt on top!

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