Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Reflecting a 'Devign'-day

The Bazaar was indeed a success for us fellow Catwalk & Hangers or rather to put melodramatically - it was sweat, blood and tears worth spent! As expected, our booth offers many hidden treasures to many bargain hunters.. We got people trying on almost a whole new attire from tops to jackets to shoes to scarfs and handbags and not forgetting our very own accessories line called Maharisi for Catwalk & Hanger.

Funny thing about people reaction of pre-loved.. some just took a quick glance and happen to find that one thing they've always wanted to try to wear and decided to get it at a cheaper price. There was this lady who was just so excited on a long maxi dress which the owner kinda regret buying and didn't mind selling for RM10..lucky isn't it? Another particular lady came twice because she had seen a jacket and a pair of heels which she couldn't get her mind off..see she even tweeted the next day!

@NurulHusnaKAZ babe I'm in ♥ with e jacket & heels!Worth e money spent!I'm actually thinking abt e other jackets I saw at ur booth y'day!

We've also met many interesting people most of them newbie like us. There some familiar faces & famous bloggers who dropped by our humble booth (mind u, we were at the last lot so people tend to turn around halfway) and most precious of all we all made new friends among the booths. Thanks again to Hilda & the Devign Reflection of organizers. They are really super helpful and very nice especially on the technical difficulties we faced at the booth itself..

Let's just see some Behind-The-Scene photos aka us panicking on how to make all the stuff fit into half of the booth at first..luckily for us, our neighboring vendor got an upgrade to a better spot and left us with much space to spread our preloved and accessories line!

Mode: Game on!

First Customer

Open for business. See those preloved handbags??
Preloved :)

Nurul working on her styling magic

Some of the preloved accessories & bags

Preloved Shoes

More shoes

Maharisi for Catwalk & Hanger. We'll post more clearer shots at our shop for your viewing satisfaction.

Guess who dropped by??

Lovely Hilda

With the Stylist Fara Khairuddin

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